4. nóvember, 2016

Bækur sem mælt er með

Complex ptsd: From surviving to thriving. Höfundur: Pete Walker

Will i ever be good enough? Healing the daughters of narcissistic mothers. Höfundur: Karyl McBride

Disarming the narcissist: Surviving and thriving with the self-absorbed. Höfundur: Wendy T. Behari

Children of the self-absorbed: A grown-ups guide to getting over narcissistic parents. Höfundur: Nina W. Brown

Malignant self – love: Narcissism revisited. Höfundur: Sam Vaknin

In sheeps clothing: Understanding and dealing with manipulative people. Höfundur: George Simon

Why is it always about you? The seven deadly sins of narcissism. Höfundur: Sandy Hotchkiss

Trapped in the mirror: Adult children of narcissists in their struggle for self. Höfundur: Elan Colomb

When shame begets shame: How the narcissist hurts and shames their victims. Höfundur: Christine Louis de Canonville

The drama of the gifted child: The search for the true self. Höfundur: Alice Miller. 

Body process: A gestalt approach to working with the body in psychotherapy. Höfundur: James I. Kepner.

The narcissistic family: Diagnosis and treatment. Höfundar: Robert M. Pressman og Stephanie Donaldson- Pressman.

The fragile self: The structure of narcissistic disturbance and its therapy. Höfundur: Phil Mollon.

The analysis of self: A systematic approach to the psychoanalytic treatment of narcissistic personality disorder. Höfundur: Heinz Kohut.